C. What About Chinese Herbs?

Curative medicines for every illness known to man already exit. For 5,000 years, Chinese physicians have used herbs for treating most medical problems, even life-threatening ones. Thousands of years of research have revealed that teams if herbs generate the most effective results.  Just like a team of horses works more efficiently than a solo horse, it is combinations of herbs that produce the most beneficial effects. Using expert knowledge, a formula of herbs can be created that utilizes the synergistic activity of the chemicals inherent within each herb, ensuring that you will receive nature’s optimum benefits.    Herbs work in a more subtle and natural manner than modern, synthetic drugs. Sometimes the effects are felt immediately. In other cases, the influence is very subtle and the effects are noticeable only after several days of use. A carefully designed herbal formula is not likely to create side effects because it does not attack one specific area of the body. Instead, it influences many different parts of the body in a balanced manner.


Chinese herbal medicine has long been used as a means of preventative health care. The long-term use of herbal tonics has proved effective in maintaining a healthy constitution. The Herbs enhance overall energy while calming nervousness, anxiety, as well as improving the functions of all the body’s organs.



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