1. Energy 活力,氣力

Energy is the spark of life for enjoying a terrific feeling consistently. Having sufficient energy is a vital for the performing of your daily tasks and activities. Nobody can live enthusiastically and work hard toward the achievement of their goals without energy. Many people aren’t willing to do what is necessary to obtain and maintain a high energy level in their bodies.

You will find many quick energy supplements, foods, drinks, and other products in the world, but I advise you to be cautious of these “instant energy” items. It is a fact that many of these items do give you quick energy momentarily; however, the long-range affects are negative and must be taken into consideration. Avoid all sugary drinks and sodas.  Be sure to read the ingredients of these items if you are considering their use. Quick fixes now usually mean a hard crash later. I strongly encourage you to choose foods that will give you good energy and nutrition, and will help sustain your current and lifetime wellness.


Since you need to avoid sugar, you can enjoy quick energy and still provide your body with its need for sugar by partaking of fresh fruits that are rich in natural sugars. You are familiar with the statement, “Go for the gold.” Well, if you want a lot of energy quickly, I suggest that you “go for the fresh fruits.”  Some of the more common, high-energy based fruits include: bananas, grapes, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew melon, oranges, apricots, and raisins.

Eat a good breakfast. Eat foods with plenty of zinc and potassium. Some foods that will give you good energy include: black molasses, broccoli, oysters, and salmon. Garlic and ginseng are excellent energy boosters.


Sufficient rest is critical for quick and sustained energy (氣力). It is vital that you get adequate sleep at night, which is usually between 7-9 hours, depending upon your metabolism. Take a power nap during the day as needed if the opportunity presents itself. Listen to your body, meditate or take a power nap for a few minutes. Try your best to make sufficient rest a priority.



Exercise is another excellent way to get the energy you need and desire. Many times when you feel tired and weak, almost lifeless, with no energy to hardly move, it is because of insufficient physical activity. Adequate exercise dramatically increases your energy (活力). If you have a busy daily schedule, just two or three minutes of stretching and moving around can give you the extra energy boost you need. Exercise can be in the form of recreation such as dancing, hiking, swimming, playing tennis or golf, or walking.

Do not think that exercise is only beneficial if you are gasping for air or are sore the following day. Each small step towards a stronger body ads up quickly. If you work in an office, take a brisk walk on your lunch break. Make sure you stand often and stretch to release toxin build up in your muscles. When you are home, try pacing while talking on the phone, do a few sit ups or squats while your TV show is on commercial break, or try calf raises while washing dishes.

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