F. Daily Wellness for Longevity

Your soul needs regular physical, mental and spiritual tune-ups just like cars need regular tune-ups to operate in top-notch condition. Healthy minds precede healthy bodies. I suggest the following 20-Point Daily Checklist:

1.    Conduct a Daily Tune-Up  consisting of studying inspiring literature, pondering, meditating, praying, expressing gratitude, and reflecting. The Daily Tune-Up is totally in accordance with the dictates of your conscience and preference.

2.    As a human being, remind yourself often that you are unique, that you are the most important of all creations.

3.    Don’t compare yourself to other people because you are unique.

4.    Listen to your heart. It will put you on the right path of life for you and keep you there. Do what your heart and conscience dictate to you.

5.    Have a purpose for living. Establish worthy dreams and goals and work hard to achieve these desires. Read your goals daily.  Let your purposes guide you when making decisions. In other words, make sure your life has meaning.

6.    Constantly review your priorities and re-examine your values.  Remind yourself of what is most important to you.

7.    Be true to your convictions. Share your ideas and beliefs with others. Listen to others as they share with you.  Be tolerant and respect each others.

8.    Believe; have hope. – “Live for today, Laugh often, Love much.”

9.    Be positive and love yourself.

10.  Love others and cherish good friends – Love lifts and hate poisons.

11.   Be grateful and count your blessings.

12.   Volunteer your time and skill – Look for who needs you.

13.   Be totally honest.  “Honesty is the best policy.”

14.   Lose Weight – Obesity causes many serious diseases.

15.   Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

16.   Meditation:   Find a quiet place to relax. You may lie down or find a comfortable place to sit. Beginning at the top of your head, consciously relax each of your muscles all the way down to your toes. Imagine your worries, bad memories, or hurt emotions flowing out of your body and deep into the earth. They will flow to the center of the earth where fire will burn them up. Those thoughts and worries will never come back to bother you or anyone else.

Now, imagine light and clean energy descending into your body. The light enters through the top of your head and travels all the way down to your toes. Create a field around your body that holds the good energy in and keeps negative energy out.

Your Daily Tune-Up brings you peace of mind, a healthy body, optimism for your day, and meaningful longevity.

17.   Exercise daily  plus mental and spiritual meditation as in #16.

18.   Above all eat good foods:  plenty of fresh vegetables , fruits, variety of unsalted nuts, etc. Acai berries, one of nature’s greatest superfoods, are beneficial because they are packed with antioxidants that fight off free radicals.

19.   Drink plenty of fluid – drink more than eight cups of water daily.

20.  Have “Total Healing Tune-Ups” regularly with Dr. Kim’s  longevity treatments.

“Not life, but good life,

is to be chiefly valued.”


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