“I was experiencing severe pain from sports injuries and manual labor. I used pain killer with no results. Fortunately, I found Dr. Kim.  The treatments from Dr. Kim at ‘Calle Mayor Acupuncture and Herbs’ have been so successful that my right shoulder is completely pain free. There is no numbness in my right hand, and my whole quality of life is improved. I actually look forward to each session with Dr. Kim because I know how good I feel during and after. Thank you, Dr. Kim. ” -Tracy B. Torrance, CA

“Dr Kim is a Godsend. Barely able to walk without pain in my knees, I hobbled into Dr. Kim’s office. I could not believe it; after my very first treatment, I could stand straight and the pain was gone. Dr. Kim had me to walk down the hall and it was amazing how wonderful I felt. My orthopedic surgeon was ready to do surgery, but now that doesn’t seem necessary. Dr. Kim is blessed with healing hands and a beautiful personality. Her Kindness goes beyond the typical doctor/patient relationship; she truly cares and her compassion is reflected through her eyes and spirit. She has introduced me to a renewed life. I told my friends about Dr. Kim, and now my friends also want to meet this incredible doctor. I thank God each and everyday for bringing me to Dr. Kim. Thank you, Dr. Kim, for restoring my health, for your wisdom, and more importantly, your friendship and beautiful smile. I adore you!”  -Mary A., Torrance, CA

“I came to Dr. Kim with very severe back and leg pain. In just one treatment, I was feeling 100% better. She worked a miracle on me, and I recommend her to anyone who has back pain. Thank you so much, Dr. Kim!!! — John G., Carson, CA

“I recently had a health issue that I did not want treated by Western Medicine so I did a search on the internet for other types of treatment and found that acupuncture would help in resolving the issue. I looked for acupuncturists in the area and I came across Dr. Kim’s website and I felt that she could help so I made an appointment for treatment.  Dr. Kim’s demeanor was very sympathetic and compassionate and after the first acupuncture session, I noticed an improvement in my well-being which significantly increased each time I went back. Besides acupuncture, Dr. Kim suggested meditation including deep breathing exercises as well as nutritional suggestions which also helped in my well-being.  I thank Dr. Kim for her efforts to get me back to good health.”   –Andrew G., Lawndale, CA

“Dr. Kim, you did more for me about my Irritable Bowel Syndrome treatments in only two visits than any other doctors in many years. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!” – Dian D. Gardena, CA

“At sixteen years of age, I went to Dr. Kim because of a persistent illness that had kept me from school for several months. Along with stomach aches (with gastritis) and headaches, this illness was made worse by my chronic back painand joint pain. After one session, I felt a vast improvement. My back did not hurt as bad and my joint pain was gone. Even tension in my shoulders I did not know existed was lessened. After several sessions, my tension was gone and my illness symptoms had subsided.”
– Heather N., Torrance, CA

“I came to see Dr. Kim for the first time as recommended by my Gynecologist to fix the Ovarian cyst.  My stomach was very swollen, very tired and have dark circles under my eyes.  After one treatment, I already feel and see the results!  My stomach is not bloated anymore, my cheeks are glowing and I see the lines under my eyes have disappeared.  Dr. Kim is an amazing and gifted doctor.  I am forever grateful to have found her.  I also lost 4 Lbs. just today after the treatment.”       -Joyce Y. Redondo Beach, CA

“Dr. Kim, I have good news to share with you.  I have suffered with urinary incontinence for many years since I have had my children. It was getting worse the older I got. I am so grateful to receive treatments from you and I honestly believe you have the gift of healing. I no longer have the urge to go every hour.  After your three treatments, now, I feel free and I can sleep through nights.  Thank you so much, Dr. Kim. “   –  Young L.,  Torrance, CA

“In the past days, I suffered from migraines. Thanks to Dr. Kim, I over came this problem with acupuncture, only with five sessions. I haven’t had a migraine in 3 weeks.” -Ms. Rivera, Mexico

I am a 29-year old mother of one, and seven years ago I started experiencing hormonal changes that caused me to have irregular monthly cycles. I would go one or two months without one, but when I started to go longer, I became concerned. I’ve seen numerous physicians who tried to treat me by giving me birth control pills to regulate it, but as soon as I stopped taking them, I would start experiencing the same problem all over again. Since I’ve seen Dr. Kim, my body feels like itself again. I have had not just one normal cycle but two, and my cramps aren’t as painful. I do not have to take any medication; I only drink the herbal tea made from natural herbs from Dr. Kim, and this has has changed my life and the way I feel. I am more energetic, and I feel like my hormones are going back to normal too. I’m not experiencing early signs of menopauseanymore. I am so glad to have met Dr. Kim because if I had not, I know I would not have been able to get the same treatment from a western medicine physician the way I did with Dr. Kim, naturally. I know our Heavenly Father loves me by sending me to Dr. Kim so He can use her to help me. Thank you, Dr. Kim! May God bless you to continue to help others as you helped me and to also be an inspiration in the lives of everyone you treat as you have been in mine.   —Princess M. LA, CA

“I had breast cancer almost 14 years ago, and they removed most of my lymph glands from my right arm. In the last six months I started having a lot of pain and quite a restricted range of motion. In only two treatments, I noticed a significant improvement and after only five treatments have full range of motion back and no pain.”                 –Shelly D., Valencia, CA

“For the past 2years, I have been experiencing severe PMS: very bad cramps and heavy bleeding during my monthly menstrual cycles so I have been taking ibuprofen and other pain medicine.  Now, I am so thrilled to say, after a few visits with Dr. Kim, my cycles is normal again and  I haven’t had any heavy bleeding nor cramps.  I am so excited and so happy!  Thank you Dr. Kim, you are a Gifted Healer!!”                         — Joy Y.   R BCH,  CA

“Healing, Health, Vitality, anti aging: these are some of the words that come to mind when I think of the benefits I have received from Dr. Kim. Initially I saw Dr. Kim because my upper back and shoulderwere very tight, causing me great pain and weakness. After the first treatment, I noticed an immediate improvement. Dr. Kim helped me both physically, mentally and even spiritually. With her treatments, I look better as I age. Dr.Kim, I really appreciate your optimistic and happy spirit. You truly have a gift of healing!!”   -Janice H. Santa Monica CA

“Since meeting with Dr. Kim, I have lost 35 pounds so far, and I no longer take anti-depressants. Dr. Kim has made me better in many ways. She is a Godsend.”   -Steve G., Torrance CA

“Being a dentist, I suffered from severe back pain. Since receiving treatments from Dr. Kim, I can now hike to the tops of mountains.”
-Darwin D., Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Kim’s treatments and diet advice enabled me to lose 63 pounds in six months.”  -Jerry H., Mount Airy, NC

“I went to see Dr. Kim with problems in my hand because I couldn’t lift or carry anything. My back was so painful that I could not sit for any length of time. I had a pinch nerve in my lower back and problems in my knee, heels, shins, and ankle (Plantar Fasciitis). When Dr. Kim started to work on me, it was a wonderful feeling and a relaxing experience. The power of healing that she has and the way she cares about you is amazing. After the first visit I felt 80% better. It caused a whole change in my body. Acupuncture allows me to be a normal person again. All my problems went away. I can honestly say that my life is happier and healthier. I give my testimony of acupuncture being one of the best ways to be healed. It is an incredible way to treat any kind of pain. I truly believe that it can heal people 100%. I was treated by one of the best professional doctor, Dr. Kim. THANKS!!”
– Ronny M., Puerto Rico

“Dr. Kim has been my saving grace. I have been fighting neck and back pain coupled with ten years of depression stemming from a car accident. Now I am happy to say that my spirits are up, and I no longer feel trapped in a worthless body. I know that with Dr. Kim’s natural healing powers, as well as her abilities with acupuncture and herbs, I will prevail.”
-Kim M, Irvine, CA

“I first came to Dr. Kim as a last resort. I have had back and neck problems for over 30 years. More recently in 2002 I developed carpal tunnel syndrome from years of computer work. I had received chiropractic treatment for over 25 years with temporary relief. I finally stopped going as the same problems continued. In 2007, when I came to Dr. Kim, I had severe pain in my neck, back and legs. It was difficult for me to stand for more than 10 minutes, sit for longer that 30 minutes and walk for more than a couple of blocks. I had also developed arthritis in my neck, back, both thumbs, and right hip and knee. I was at high risk for having many health problems because of my weight, hypertension, low activity level and other risk factors. Dr. Kim literally saved my life with her treatments and dietary plan changes. I no longer need a cane and can walk long distances, and stand and sit for long periods of time. Dr. Kim has truly been a blessing to me. It is wonderful to be able to be active again, I was even able to go to Knott’s Berry Farm with my granddaughters and I lasted the whole day with them. I was also able to do many other fun activities with them during their month long visit this summer. I look forward to the treatments with Dr. Kim because I know that she will treat the root of the problem and not just the symptoms. Thank you Dr. Kim for giving me my life back!!”  –Sandy D., Torrance, CA

“When I came to Dr. Kim, I had severe stomach pain from Crohn’s Disease. I was diagnosed back in 2003 and was treated with Western Medicine with Steroids. After a year of treatment my pain disappeared. I have been on medicine the whole time with different types. In 2007, the pain started to come back after a trauma I suffered in March 2007. I went back to the doctor and he prescribed more medicine. The Western Medicine was not working and they even considered surgery. After 10 treatments with Dr.Kim, my stomach pains have disappeared. I have changed my diet, took the herbs she prescribed, and kept a good attitude.

Now, I am PAIN FREE and have been that way for over one month. I have not felt this good since Before 2003!!”
–Jacquie L. Redondo Beach, CA

“All my life, I have dealing with weight issues. Lately, it was getting worse to the point where no matter what I did (diet, exercise, diet pills), I kept putting on weight. One day after listening to a conversation about how acupuncture helped a person to stop smoking, I decided to give it a try. After searching for an acupuncturist, I found Dr. Jennifer Kim through her advertisement on a phone book. First, I was very impressed with the way she treats her patients. She is always willing to help her patients with a smile on her face. It was amazing to see that after the first visit, I was able to sleep better through the night and after few visits and by following her advice, I started noticing a weight reduction. Needless to say, Dr. Kim is such a pleasant person and the way she treats her patients is amazing. Visiting her office is always a great experience for me. THANKS, Dr. Kim, for all your help!”
-Alfredo M. San Pedro, CA

“Around the holidays after January 2008, I had developed back pain from going to the gym for my workouts. At first I was taking Tylenol pills and using Salampas heat pads for the pain but I wasn’t getting any better. My mother had acupuncture done when she had aches and pains, so I decided to try it for myself. I had Dr. Kim focus on my lower back and both sides of my hips. After a month of treatment my pain has disappeared and I am able to continue my workouts at the gym. My gratitude and thanks go to Dr. Kim for helping me get well.”       — Billy W., San Pedro, CA

“To All Who visit Dr. Kim,
My name is Patrice A, and I am 59 years old. I had originally accompanied a dear friend to Dr. Kim’s office to ask about the possibility of helping my 18-year old daughter, Natalie. While there, it became apparent, I needed to experience at least one treatment to gain some knowledge about Dr. Kim. This would enable me to answer some of my daughter’s questions when I spoke to Natalie about Dr. Kim helping her with her numerous health problems, including a rapid heart rate.

During my consultation and total of 5 treatments, I found Dr. Kim to be extremely loving and kind, with a strong desire to use her extensive knowledge and healing abilities to diagnose and solve my health problems. I had a circulatory problem that manifested itself in my having red legs and saggy skin, especially on my face. I also had a digestive problem with bloated intestines and excess gas, which I have had for several years.

After just one treatment my once bloated stomach was flat, no longer producing gurgling sounds or gas after I ate, and my saggy, jowled facewas greatly improved. The right side of my face was dramatically firmed and lifted. My left side was not as responsible, at first, due to the fact that the left side of my whole body did not respond as well due to a circulatory problem. I continued for 4 more weekly treatments with continued improvement each week.

With each successive treatment my circulation, digestion, sagging skin on my face and discoloration of my legs had remarkably noticeable improvements. My family and friends commented on these improvements, so much so, that some thought I looked 10 years younger. I also requested Dr. Kim to prescribe healing herbs for me. I have noticed a great deal of additional skin toning and energy. I will continue to take these herbs on a daily basis.

I plan on returning to Dr. Kim for periodic “tune ups” to be sure that my new vitality and health, that Dr. Kim has afforded me, will continue. I love and trust Dr. Kim and her great ability to heal through her knowledge, giving heart and healing hands. May she continue to be blessed with this great gift to benefit all who come to see and be healed by her.
-Love, Patrice A., Valencia, CA

“When I first came to Dr. Kim I was having severe neck and shoulder pain. I could not sleep at night and had even been reduced to tears on some occasions. I went to the chiropractor six times and felt no relief. I saw a family doctor who prescribed me muscle relaxants and said if they did not make me feel better she would give me ear drops in case I had an ear infection. I was at the end of my rope when I finally made an appointment with Dr. Kim.

The results were miraculous. After the first treatment my pain was ninety percent gone. After the second treatment my neck was healed! I could sleep, lift things over my head, and concentrate without being detracted by pain. This was the beginning of my healing process.

During my consultation Dr. Kim was able to find other areas in my body that needed treatment. She has cured my PMS symptoms. I do not have headaches, cramps, or feel fatigued at any time during the month. She killed the bad yeast in my body so I no longer crave chocolate! I crave pure foods now such as fruits, nuts, and her delicious ‘healthy soup’. I have been steadily losing weight since treatment and feeling more energy throughout the day.

Dr. Kim’s treatment makes me feel like I’m a teenager again. I have a care-free feeling in my heart that I have not felt in years. She truly does treat your mind, body, and soul. I am indebted to Dr. Kim for the blessing of health and vitality she has given to me.”                               –Rachel Y. Torrance, CA

May 25, 2009

Dear Dr. Kim,

“I write this letter to thank you for all the help you have given to my wife, my children and me. As you know, I have suffered with eczema for approximately 30 years and with high blood pressure and edema the last several years.

I have seen several doctors over the years concerning the eczemawith my last visit about 18 months ago. During this latest doctors visit I was prescribed several cortisone based medications for use on my face, scalp and chest. The doctor also advised me to “Use the medications only when the eczema flairs up and to return for additional prescriptions when needed as eczema was not curable.” I remember returning home and relating to my wife what the doctor had told me. In addition I told her “I cannot believe there is not a cure for eczema, after all I was not born with it!”

My wife began coming to you for treatments several months ago. She also brought two of our children in for treatments. During this time she continually encouraged me to come in and see you concerning my health issues. One of the things you did on my first visit was to apply a mixture of vinegar and herbs to the eczema in my chest area and on my scalp. I took home the vinegar/herb mixture to apply on a daily bases. I am still amazed that within two weeks the eczema in my chest area which I had dealt with for 30 years was healed!! The eczema on my scalp continues to heal. I am sure it would also be totally healed by now but for my lack of courage at your suggestion to get a “Yul Brenner” haircut! After dealing with this problem for 30 years I decided to keep my hair and keep applying the vinegar/herb mixture a little longer until my scalp is also healed. After my very first treatment the edema and discoloration in my ankle area was 75% improved. Having completed my 5th treatment today the edema is gone and the discoloration is 95% improved.

My next goal in working with you, Dr. Kim, is to bring my blood pressure down into a normal range. During the last 5 years several doctors have suggested high blood pressure medication. I am glad that I never followed those suggestions. I truly feel you will be able to help me in this area of my overall well being.

I thank you for the knowledge and healing power you have shared with my family and me. I look forward to following your instructions in diet, stress management and exercise to help me obtain optimum health at age 60.

I would also like to thank your office manager, for always making us feel welcome when we are in your office. It has been a pleasure to meet both of you.”
–Best Regards, Nick A., Valencia CA

“I first visited Dr. Kim 12 years ago for an old ankle injury (severe sprain). It was bad enough that my doctor said I would have been better off if I had broken it. I could no longer run without pain so I did physical therapy to relieve the pain. Once my therapy was done I still felt pain whenever I attempted to run. I decided to try acupuncture since it was holistic and I am not a big believer in western medicine. After Dr. Kim treated my ankle I was able to run again without any pain. I even ran the LA Marathon5 years ago! As of today, I am still pain free.” –Terri D., Seal Beach, CA

“A few months ago I called to make an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Kim.  I have been having atwitching in my face and eyesfor more than 13 years.  I have visited many different doctors:  however,  no one has helped me. It was very hard for me to read books and live a normal life. It made me depressed and exhausted. When Dr. Kim treated me I felt much, much better than I have felt in a very long time. I have been following her instructions. NOW, I’M TWITCH AND PAIN FREE!!!!!! I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL FOR HER MIRACLE HEALING!!! THANK YOU, DR.KIM !! ”                   — Marilyn   O.,   Torrance, CA

“I have had lower back pain for many years, I have taken IB Profen and Tylenol and it never really helped. I recently had severe pain and nothing helped. I was scared about acupuncture at first, but DR. Kim made me feel comfortable and I tried it. When Dr. Kim treated for the first time, I felt better right after with no medication I could bend down and touch my toes with no pain.  It is a miracle.  Thank you so Much Dr. Kim!!!  I would recommend her to anyone with back pain or any pain try it you will be amazed at what healing powers can do! “   —  Alex C.,     Norwalk, CA

“Recently I was exercising by walking and suddenly pulled the calf muscle in my right leg. It was painful and, my ankle became swollen.  I had to limp home. Right away I received three treatments from Dr. Kim, and she healed my leg and ankle. Now I can walk pain-free.  Thank you so much, Dr. Kim!”  –Steven H,    Torrance, CA

“I was experiencing a severe stomach pain and, wasn’t sure if it was food poisoning, some that I ate the day before, I just lost my appetite, and I was feeling weak, and my body felt aching  all over, I had the run all day, I could not hold any food down, I was feeling miserable.  My head was killing me and I felt like throwing up, oh it was terrible, I had never felt like that  before. So I went to see Dr. Kim at her office at Calle Mayor Acupuncture and Natural Herbs, that evening, I was amazed, right away, not even long, that I felt relieved. I was healed completely with just one treatment with herbs. I slept very comfortably that night.

Thank you so much  Dr. Kim !! ”      –.EL       Carson, CA



  1. Tracy Bauer says:

    Thank you Dr. Kim!! I found Dr. Kim by accident while looking up the location of a massage therapist that was recommended to me to fix an injured shoulder-Rotator Cuff injury. I happened on to Dr. Kim’s website and decided to give acupuncture a try. I am extremely happy that I did.

    I am a close to 50 year old male who has participated in many sports and recreational activities since my adolescence. A byproduct of this, and lots of manual labor, is a buildup of soft tissue injuries over the years. For the past 10 or 15 years I have been getting massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments to minimize the pain and loss of mobility caused by these injuries. The problem was that the pain and mobility loss always returned. The most recent event was waking up on a Monday morning with pain in my right shoulder and numbness in 2 fingers and the thumb of my right hand. Previously I have had a similar condition in my left shoulder. After my 1st visit to Dr. Kim there was a 50% reduction in the pain and numbness. I was amazed at the amount of relief after just one session. Another surprise was that after the session the relief held. Usually after a massage or spinal adjustment the pain and numbness would slowly return. Not this time. After each session there was a marked improvement. When I began the treatments I was taking 8 Advil every day in order to function and sleep. After less than 2 months of treatments I was able to quit taking any pain relief medication.

    The treatments from Dr. Kim have been so successful that my right shoulder is completely pain free, there is no numbness in my right hand and my whole quality of life is improved. My right shoulder feels so good that it makes my left shoulder feel bad. In our most recent session Dr. Kim continued working on the right shoulder but also added work to the left shoulder and lower back. Both areas showed an immediate improvement.

    Many people are afraid of having acupuncture therapy done because of the needles. Don’t worry, you’ll hardly feel the needles. Any discomfort felt is much less than getting a flu, or similar, shot. And as soon as the session begins the instant relief and feeling of healing makes it all worth it. Words cannot express how good it feels during the session. I have had chronic pain for so long I have learned to ignore it. But to feel the instant relief that I get during my sessions with Dr. Kim has made me realize that eventually I will be able to live pain free. I never thought this was possible.

    Dr. Kim is also a nutritionist and herbalist. During our initial consultation she was able to identify some areas of my diet that I needed to change. Since then I’ve done a pretty good job, not perfect, of following her advice. Within the 1st week I could feel an improvement. Some of the extra benefits of Dr. Kim’s treatments are that I’m sleeping better and feel more rested in the mornings, I’m more alert during the day, loosing weight, better posture and I have a feeling that a weight has been lifted. For many years I have just accepted the way my body felt as inevitable due to all the “fun” I’ve had with my sports and such. Now I’m excited at the prospect of having a pain free body as I grow older. I actually look forward to each session with Dr. Kim because I know how good I will feel during and after.

    After being away from this document for a few weeks I have an update. I feel like both of my shoulders are fixed. However, Dr. Kim has asked me to continue treatments and limit the type of exercise I’m getting. Unusually for me, I am listening and doing my best to follow her advice. The surprising part for me is that after each treatment I feel even better. I did not know how much feeling I had lost over the years. Another benefit is that without exercise I’m feeling stronger in the shoulders, arms, hands, chest and back. If I have a full day of riding my motorcycle I’ll be tired, but my recovery time is about half of what it was just a few months ago. I’m now excited to go to treatment because the sessions feel so good and I’m amazed at how much better I am afterwards.

  2. Jack says:

    I had lower back pain from moving a heavy box. I could not stand straight up and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs. After one treatment by Dr. Kim, I could stand up and walk up the steps. Next day I was pretty much back to normal. I was greatly pleased with her treatment, and I would recommend her to anybody.

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